Marcedes Lewis Jersey Other Projects

Other Projects

1. Manovikas Public Library An acquaintance with scriptures, classics, excellent literary works both in Malayalam and English - one would love to see the world reflecting in this cosy little room. It is a good reference place for studies on disability. Open to the general public, this is an abode of knowledge, registered and approved by Kerala Library Council. Manovikas intend to develop this library as a referral centre for the studies in disability. We are looking forward interested personnels for contributing books on disability .
2. MERCMICS (Mentally Retarded Children’s Mothers’ Industrial Cooperative Society): The intellectually disabled children and their mothers are active in this industrial unit to produce Manovikas Note Books, paper bags, bead necklaces, coconut shell spoons etc. Our partners of development are the State Industries Department.
3. Self - Help Groups of Disabled and their parents (SHGs) It is imperative to recognise the right of persons with disabilities to self-representation and to strenghten their capacity to enhance the decision-making process. Persons with disabilities must articulate their own issues and advocate for reforms that will bring about their development and independent living, in their communities and society at large, However, when children and others are not able to represent themselves, their parents, family members and other supporters should be encouraged and enabled, to help advocate their rights and needs