Marcedes Lewis Jersey Special Care Units




Special Care Units

Speech Therapy Unit

Children having Speech problems are identified and are given individual caring with speech exercise which are proven to be an effective medicine. A trained speech therapist handle the sessions.

Physiotherapy Unit

Every needed child is individually trained to overcome their physical impairments, using modern physio therapy instruments. Two Qualified Physiotherapists handle the programme and Manovikas has a well equiped Physiotheraphy Unit.

Psychological Counseling for the parents

This counselling to the parents will help to clear their doubts and love the children better. It will enable us to modify the teaching methods, if needed, of every individual child. The counselling helps to handle the children with behavioral problems more effectively .

Horticultural Therapy

Horticulture, by experience, has tremendous results in improving the developments of intellectually disabled. We have a horticultural unit in the school, in which, our children are the prime workers.

Music Therapy


Our music lessons, with the help of music therapy experts, will be reoriented to make it a medicine that will heal and make intellectually disabled more happy .